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Wavemetrix are an independent London technology company that specialises in data for the movies and entertainment industry in the U.S., Europe and rest of the world. 


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The existing Wavemetrix brand identity and message was too generic and not specific to the movie industry. They needed a refresh in a new direction. We had created their original brand identity in 2011 when both Wavemetrix and BTL were new start-up companies. Back then the Wavemetrix company helped a diverse range of clients, in different sectors, by mining online data with proprietary software that measured unprompted positive and negative sentiment. Over the last few years the company has streamlined its services and focused all of its attention in one area. They now specialise in helping the movie industry, primarily Hollywood, understand online data to formulate consumer insights about the effectiveness of new movie trailers. The success or failure of a film trailer can make or break studios. An industry where businesses risk millions of dollars with every new project. Wavemetrix is key to helping studios minimise that risk. 

We created a new identity inspired by the core function of the brand, e.g. measuring unprompted positive and negative sentiment. The new logo is a stylised impression of a sentiment diagram.

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The new brand message is the result of a quick but insightful chat with Alan the founder of Wavemetrix. He is very passionate about his company and genuinely believes, with no doubt, that Wavemetrix offers more technology, innovation, insight, knowledge, expertise and specialist skills to the film industry than any of the competition. This lead us quickly to the line ‘Discover More’, e.g. other companies help you discover ‘x’… we help you discover more ‘x’.

We created a new website that is a customised Squarespace template. Alan requested a very simple website design that was aligned with our less is more mantra. 



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