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the sky is ours

Create a name and brand identity for a new company offering the ability to give and receive the power of air travel by the hour. The working title was "TimeJet", and the product "flight hours". TimeJet would let you give someone flight hours seamlessly, which they can use to book any flight, on any airline, to anywhere. It is the limitless and flexible airline gift card of the future. Just as there are 60 minutes in an hour, 1 flight hour is worth $60.

One name that brings the company and the currency of flight hours together in one neat package - Skyhour - and a visual identity that does the very same. Give someone a skyhour, it's an hour in the sky, on any airline, to anywhere. A pair of wings glides effortlessly across the full logo, the icon, and the currency of skyhours, creating a simple and iconic identity. 

The brand has helped Skyhour raise a significant amount of early stage investment and build a growing company, backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures. Skyhour has been featured on Forbes, Condé Nast Traveller, Yahoo, Cool Hunting and more. 

Created by BTL Brands (Creative & Art Direction: Santeri Lohi, Stuart Lewin / Designers: Santeri Lohi, Stuart Lewin, Eamon Shotton, Darnell Buckle)

Client: Skyhour


"With a push from JetBlue Technology Ventures to spur global growth and presence in the travel market, Skyhour should become a new favorite among those who want to give a bit more than a Starbucks gift card this holiday season."