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PostTag Logo

PostTag is a whole new navigation system that gets people to the right front door first time, with more accuracy than any system currently available. It simply "tags" 3 digits onto the end of a postcode to provide a front-door accuracy never seen before. And it does all this without causing any friction points with the customer – because it’s the only system that doesn’t ask the customer to create a “locator”.
For delivery drivers it means no more wasting time searching for addresses (deliveries in darkness are no longer a problem). Health workers can get to patients’ homes faster. Municipal workers will always be able to find the location of essential repairs, first time. In fact, the possibilities are endless.
Even new-build housing estates get the full benefits of PostTag the moment building plans are approved – unlike Sat Nav systems that keep new house build owners waiting for up to 2 years to get on a map.

The founders of PostTag came to us a couple of years ago with the simple request: "We need a logo by tomorrow morning". It was already 5pm by the time we got off of the phone and so we did our best to deliver something by 9am the next day. This is not our usual way of working but sometimes you have to roll with it. The new visual identity plays on the idea of a hashtag. It had to be clean and simple, with an unexpected colour palette, so that the app icon stood out from the crowd on the busy screen of a phone. 

It took the founders a while to get the right team in place and raise investment so the new visual identity was parked for a couple of year. The PostTag team now have everything in place and are good to go. We have just put the finishing touches to their new website, something clean and simple to go with their visual identity. We designed and built a responsive site in Squarespace that will be easy to use for the founders moving forward.
The next job on the list is a refresh of the brand identity. It's already two years old and next time we'd like to spend a bit more time on it.