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We gave McCoy's Crisps a manly makeover to align the packaging more with the brand message "MAN CRISPS". By turning the pack on its side, we've maintained the same dimensions, but allow even the biggest and manliest of hands to fit inside with ease. 

• Over 200,000 views online in 7 days
• Over 60,000 views on Buzzfeed
• Over 300 reactions on Twitter, of which 95% positive
• Awarded Pack of the Week on The Dieline
• Featured on Creative Review design blog
• Featured on FoodBeast design blog
• Featured on DesignWeek design blog
• Featured on Thrillist design blog
• Featured on The Drum




McCoy's Man Crisps Packaging Rebrand Concept


"Seriously, why didn't someone think of this sooner?"

Ali Drucker, Thrillist



"Problem solved, Real Men. CRISP AWAY!"

Alex Naidus, Buzzfeed

"A once-in-a-lifetime-holy-sh*t-improvement"

Dominique Zamora, Foodbeast