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How to create a new identity for the I.T. company that's not an I.T. company

What comes into your head when you think of I.T.? Probably not words like "simplicity", "style" or "humanity". But those are exactly the kind of words we wanted to bring to the DoeTaylor brand. Before we renamed the company after the founding partners Andrew Doe and Alix Taylor, they came to us as Connect B2B. The brand was as I.T. as it gets, which to us meant complex, clunky, tedious, boring. But that's not how Doe & Taylor came across - at all. From our first meeting the direction of the rebrand was clear: Connect B2B needed to look, feel & sound nothing like an I.T. company.

With a strong client list including Jamie Oliver, Dishoom and Wahaca, Connect B2B was operating in a sector where I.T. needed to work quickly and seamlessly, while being completely invisible. Connect B2B = techy. DoeTaylor = human. The DoeTaylor approach to tech is one that gets out of the way and allows people to do what they do best. Unlike most I.T. companies, the focus isn't on products, or "tech solutions", rather it's about getting it done and facilitating a great experience for customers. 




I.T. means Information Technology, but it means intuitive technology, which is what DoeTaylor is all about. At every step the brand aims to minimize information overload and cut right to the important stuff. People want results, not complexity. People want answers, not information.