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AnySharp Logo

AnySharp proudly proclaims itself as "The World's Best Knife Sharpener", but was struggling to get listed in more premium stores. We were challenged to reposition it from budget to premium. We created a polished new identity based on the flagship product's optimal 20° sharpening angle.

• Brand identity
• Packaging
• Product renders & retouching




"How to properly sharpen knives using a stick sharpener? First, buy an AnySharp sharpener. Start with heavier strokes, then lighter ones to get an edge back on your knife."

Jamie Oliver

Chef, Author & TV Star


Since the rebrand, AnySharp has seen a definite increase in brand awareness amongst consumers and professionals. The brand has now been endorsed by a host of top chefs including Jamie Oliver, Ken Hom, Rosemary Shrager and Pru Leith of The Great British Bakeoff. It has amassed over 750,000 satisfied customers and is currently the best selling knife sharpener available on the UK Amazon site.